Personal Training & Nutrition 

Shawn Smith (Owner/Trainer)

My relationship with training started nearly 30 years ago when a friend’s help in the gym initiated my transformation from a frail teenager to a fit and strong adult. After realizing the changes this made in my confidence, health and all aspects of my life, my ambition was to help other people empower themselves with their bodies. I have been a personal trainer for almost 20 years and have held a number of certifications from various sports, nutrition and fitness organizations. The certifications I've earned are: StrongFirst SFB (Bodyweight) & SFG (Kettlebell), Sports Nutrition Specialist (ISSA), Personal Trainer (ISSA), Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM), and Functional Movement Systems. I am also trained in a range of strength and exercise approaches including kettlebells, post rehab and corrective exercise. I believe in combining experiences from various schools of knowledge to achieve the best strategies for the fitness goals of my clients. 


"We'll create the dynamic body you want and need! *Get Healthy* *Get Strong* & *Lose Fat* while being SAFE EFFECTIVE & EFFICIENT!









"We'll create the dynamic body you want and need! We believe in combining experiences from various schools of knowledge to achieve the best strategies for the fitness goals of our clients.  Our goal is to keep you happy, healthy and revitalized! 
Exercise is just one component of achieving a healthy body. We will work with you to choose the right foods to help you balance the other even more important nutritional component!
Grab a friend or two and get discounted prices when you all train together.
Tip: You want to train with someone with the same level of commitment and similar goals and fitness levels (whether  beginning or intermediate) to maximize your results.
Achieving health and fitness goals can be challenging in today’s society. Our Fitness management team works with your schedule to incorporate simple attainable changes into your everyday life. We design holistic programs to build a solid foundation for long term health and fitness goals. We offer comprehensive packages analyzing everyday activities to find solutions that your health and fitness goals merge seamlessly into lifestyle changes. 
"All around you and in everything, 
Omni-Fit, Health & Nutrition:
Our goal is to keep you happy, healthy and revitalized through my system of “Freestyle Functional Fitness” that is safe, effective and efficient. I aim to helping you create a dynamic body that can handle life challenges. “Your body’s is the most important vehicle in life, when it’s strong, it can take you anywhere and everywhere!”
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Dynamic Cardio
We design aerobic workouts that don"t invovle just running on a treadmill.
Toned Physique
Get those strong tapered muscles you've always wanted.
Narrowing Waist
We will help you create your ideal body.
Cross-Training Workouts
(Functional Strength & Conditioning)
Our studio is equipped  with various functional equipment including Kettlebells, Battle Ropes and Suspension Training (TRX) straps.
Health Program
Let our nutrition coaching help you achieve your fitness goals.  
Weight Loss
Our emphasis on fat loss and strength training help you achieve long term health and fitness goals.